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Type-Expertise is committed to leveraging its patent-pending Universal Font Classification system via third-party licensing, development of standalone applications, and plugins and add-ons that integrate the database-driven system with a wide spectrum of graphic, design and office-based productivity applications. Its goal is to build and manage a single, global platform that connects font users, developers and vendors, making it easy for users to quickly find, purchase and install the appropriate font for any document creation requirement.

The Team

The Type-Expertise team is headed by Denis Ravizza, a well-known French graphic designer and AtypI member, who is the inventor and chief architect of the Universal Font Classification System. Other team members, including Kazak Communications, Inc., bring a wide variety of competencies to the project, including extensive graphic design and type experience, as well as Web site creation, application development, and traditional management, sales and marketing skills. While Type-Expertise is based in Lyon, France, team members hail from Europe, Canada, the United States and Mexico.

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